It starts with people.

I'm deeply grateful for your support in this election.
We did not win this effort but the work will never end.

Joshua Rawlings is a Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress TN-5.

Our near perfect system of democracy has been corrupted.

Join me to take it back.

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Meet the candidate
Joshua Rawlings knows that now is the time for strong, ambitious leadership. As a small business owner and Nashville musician, Joshua embodies the spirit of collaboration and creativity that makes this little piece of Tennessee known across the globe. The son of a left-leaning mother and an intellectually conservative father, Joshua understands that no ideology has a monopoly on good ideas. He has fought in the state legislature for rural broadband access, stood up for LGBTQ+ rights, and is currently leading a movement to demand mail-in voting in Tennessee.

Joshua speaks truth to power and will battle for the survival of small businesses and the quality of life for all individuals of Middle Tennessee. Joshua firmly believes in the power of people, recognizing that our democracy is in dire straits. He is no longer willing to rely on Tennessee’s outdated incumbency to address the new and urgent challenges facing our nation.

We deserve a representative who will scrap and claw for the people our community—that person is Joshua Rawlings.
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"We must return this country to a position of ethical leadership. Future generations are counting on us to begin healing our planet and the state of our democracy."

Full Platform

My pact with you.

I will never take corporate PAC money or a corporate lobbying gig.

I will be in Congress no more than 12 years (I stick to my word, but we still need term limits!).

I will vote to support our community and expand liberty.

I will be accessible to you and transparent in my priorities.

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Boldly Reasonable

As your congressperson, I will work to create relationships with all of my peers in our legislature. I will create broad coalitions to maximize action.

I'll work with progressives on climate change and a public healthcare option.

I'll work with moderates on infrastructure, transportation, and immigration.

I'll work with conservatives on government waste and loopholes.

I'll work with everybody on keeping their discourse civil.

Joshua's platform