Environmental Leadership

If we do not make changes to the way we do business, climate change will disrupt every aspect of modern existence. Thankfully, American Environmental Leadership will not only ensure the productive life of the planet, but it will also be the single greatest economic feat in our history. Envision a world where all food is grown locally using vertical farming - where you can go from Nashville to Atlanta in 45 minutes for $45 on an electric train - where traffic accidents are history and pollution is an Old English term. We can have this future and secure a stable life on this planet if we act swiftly to address the climate emergency.

I support going carbon neutral by 2040.

With American ingenuity and a global vision, we can transition to a 100% clean economy within 20 years. Here are some of the initiatives I support to get there:

  • Investments in green technologies

I support a budget that prioritizes funding for government-wide investments in technologies like carbon capture and green energy generation.

  • Local green plans

Every community has unique needs and desires. Each should be empowered to create their own plan to achieve carbon neutrality.

  • Triple bottom line accounting

The cost of doing business is more than just the cost of materials, land, and labor. It's the impact that a business has on society and the environment. To reach our goal, companies must pay the true cost of doing business in the form of a carbon tax and community dividends.

  • Climate finance

Our climate is a reflection of our business practices. We should recognize the true cost of doing business when creating banking policies.

  • Nationwide improvements to our infrastructure

Water - Water utilities are already confronting the effects of climate change and pollution. We will be required to make investments in water treatment technologies, storm water control, and sanitary sewers.

Electricity - As a mater of national security and environmental necessity we must reimagine and rebuild our power grid.

Rail - Existing railways represent a massive opportunity for carbon-neutral transport. We must work to modernize these lines and make them more adept for combined freight and commuter traffic.