Equal Education

As your representative in Congress, I'll work to ensure that every person has access to a world-class education. Whether in rural America or in a city, our children must have opportunities to learn the skills necessary for success in the 21st century.

The United States is 2nd in the world in per-student spending and 38th in academic outcomes. This means that dozens of other countries have found a way to elevate their education above ours with less expense. I'm not suggesting that we reduce our budget - but we must use it in a more informed way.

What we can do:

  • Measure more than test scores

No child is average. If we teach according to an average, every student is left behind. Each student is an individual with strengths and shortfalls; teachers know how to identify these things. We must do everything in our ability to empower educators to accommodate each unique child.

  • Smaller class sizes

I support a mandate ensuring that most classes do not exceed 20 students (right now it's 35).

  • Pay teachers what they deserve

Teachers are public servants who work tirelessly to sharpen the minds of our children. We must show respect for this great work with a fair salary. One in six teachers are working multiple jobs to provide for their family, while also spending their hard-earned pay on school supplies. No teacher should ever have to empty their own pockets for their students to have an adequate learning experience.

  • Fully staff every position

Every person employed at a school plays a vital role in the success of our children. When our school systems fail to fill positions, children get less individual attention. I support a mandate for schools to maintain a full staff.

  • Restore the arts, trades, and civics

Science and math are vital parts of any primary school curriculum, but critical thinkers also require an understanding of arts, trades, and civics.